GAMA BOMB “Speed Between The Lines” album OUT NOW!

GAMA BOMB “Speed Between The Lines” album OUT NOW!

The Irish crazy gang are back with a new monster of an album, putting the fast, fabulous and fun back into old school thrash metal and dragging it kicking and screaming into present day.

With its crisp, clean production, distinctive lyrics, irresistible hooks and a huge sense of enjoyment, this new album is an absolute must for thrashers of all ages and fans of Tankard, Municipal Waste, Harvok and Warbringer.

After releasing the 3 singles “666Teen”, “Bring Out The Monster” and “Give Me Leather” is it now time for this great release of Thrash Metal album!


The album will be available as CD, clear yellow gatefold Vinyl (ltd. to 250 units), turquoise gatefold Vinyl (ltd. to 250 units), clear/red gatefold and vinyl red/black splatter (ltd. to 100 units) which is exclusively available in the AFM webshop


01.  Give Me Leather

02.  A Hanging

03.  666teen

04.  Bring Out The Monster

05.  R.I.P. U06.  Motorgeist

07.  Alt-Reich

08.  Stay Rotten

09.  We R Going 2 Eat U

10.  Kurt Russell

11.  World Gone To Hell

12.  Faceblaster

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