From The Inside releases their new album Лики Судьбы (Liki Sudbi)


“From The Inside” (ИЗНУТРИ) released their new album “Лики Судьбы” (Liki Sudbi). The album was recorded and mixed in “Nu Sound Studio” and the cover made by Pavel Kurbanov. The album is available for streaming on the band VK page


01. Защитный механизм

02. Чужой экстаз

03. Одержимость

04. Лики судьбы

05. Бесконечность

06. Стереотип

07. Внеземная жизнь(acoustic version)


The band music is a combination of Hard Rock, Alt.Metal and Metalcore. Right now the band is in a middle of a big Russian tour that began in March 2018.

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