French eclectic metallers Abstract Minded released new digital single “Juice”


A few weeks only after unveilling its debut EP ‘SEVEN’ for digital exclusive on the main legal platforms, French eclectic and abstract metallers Abstract Minded just unleashed a brand new track called “Juice” as first part of a new single series, available right now on Bandcamp.

Stream/Buy the “Juice” single on Bandcamp | Watch the official music video of “Seven”


…For the record…

Born around the Paris area in 2016 as an “abstract metal band” : “metal” for the violence, the energy, the brutality in their sound / “abstract” for the innovative vision of the songwriting, Abstract Minded wants to play borderless music.

From doom to world-music passing through jazz, funk or experimental djent/progressive metal, the recorded band its first demos between 2016 and 2017 before entering the studio and giving life to a first EP ‘SEVEN’, released during winter 2018/2019.

For fans of Periphery, Polyphia Tool, The Fall Of Troy, System Of A Down, Veil Of Maya…


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