Finnish old school heavy metal band Wrestling released a new music video about serial killer artist!

Finnish old school heavy metal band Wrestling released a new music video about serial killer artist!


Promo pic by Janne Vähälä

WRESTLING is an old school heavy metal band from Oulu, Finland and their debut album RIDE ON FREAKS is released via Inverse Records on September 14th 2018. The album pays homage to the classic heavy metal style of the 80’s, and you can clearly hear the influence of bands like Accept or Ozzy Osbourne in Wrestling’s music. But Wrestling is not just a tribute band. On the contrary they are spicing up their soup with various different styles. You can find clues of punk at one end and even some pure pop melodies at the other. The album is quite diverse in style and it’s also been recorded in a traditional fashion that leaves lots of room for the musicians to create the atmosphere they are after. So Wrestling is definitely not math metal. Or well… perhaps short term math metal at most.

The band released a new single from the upcoming album “Surreal Killer”.

Watch the music video here:

Band comment:

“SURREAL KILLER shows us Wrestling at its most vicious mood. This speed metal influenced tune tells us a story of a serial killer artist, whose simple mission is… well, to make art out of death.”







Track list

01. Let’s Get Born

02. Surreal Killer

03. Venom Makes Me Stronger

04. Kitsch In America

05. Drunk And Alone

06. Wrestlemania VI

07. Beyond The Limits

08. Feels Like Midnight

09. Driving All Night

10. The Solution To All Your Problems

11. See Delight

The album was recorded on Anvil Road Studio and it is mixed and mastered by Harri Eksymä (Earmore Studios)


Tommi Saha (voc)

Risto Nyman (gtr)

Janne Kela (d.)

Pekka Moilanen (gtr)

Riku Rousu (b, voc)



Wrestling – Surreal Killer (Official Music Video)

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