Finnish melodeath band Foredoomed announces their new album


Foredoomed’s second album ‘Chaos and Beauty’ will be released 30th of August. Album’s theme focuses on the heavy and the sensitive aspects of band’s renowned melodic death metal style.

Compared to the band’s previous record ‘Ordeal’, ‘Chaos and Beauty’ is more straightforward to get into. Simpler songs like ‘Blood Red Sun’ and ‘Dead Candles’ bring contrast to the more progressive and harder-to-grasp songs like ‘Derelict Hours’ and ‘Heart-Searching’.

‘Chaos and Beauty’ contains nine songs that focus around the album’s poetic theme. Few singles will be released before the album is finally published on August 30th 2019.


01. In Paradisum (1:05)
02. Blood Red Sun (4:25)
03. Worldfire (5:09)
04. Feed (4:48)
05. Rowan (1:23)
06. Dead Candles (4:17)
07. Help the Lost Find Their Way (5:01)
08. Derelict Hours (7:04)
09. Heart-Searching (9:56)

Album artwork by Vladyslav Tsarenko (


More information about the band:

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