EXES FOR EYES Return With New Single ‘Hold On’

EXES FOR EYES Return With New Single ‘Hold On’ + Album “Of Strength and Sorrow” Out Aug 13th


Canada’s EXES FOR EYES, the musical vision of Dave Sheldon (ex. Man With Target, Annihilator) and the lyrical conception of vocalist and frontman Big James (Stab.Twist.Pull, Endast, Authors) have left their hiatus to bring you a new album “Of Strength and Sorrow” to follow their 2014 album “Tongues Like Figure Eights”. Having maintained a general theme of blindness, both figuratively and literally, the new album departs from those themes.

‘Hold On’ is the first single off this album and is an excellent introduction to the release that can simply be defined as “heavy as fuck”.

Having taken the last four years since their previous album, EXES FOR EYES have shown that they have matured sonically, completing an album that is darker without abandoning the soundscapes their fans have grown to love with their massive groove. Taking inspiration from composers such as John Williams, Danny Elfman, John Carpenter and Hans Zimmer they are new instrumental layers that add a definitive depth to the album. EXES FOR EYES comments on the writing process behind the massive 65-minute album:

“The writing process took so much out of us this album, so the idea of not releasing a song because ‘it doesn’t sound like the other ones’ didn’t even cross our minds. I feel like we knew we were going to release it ourselves on our terms again, so the idea of a 65-minute album didn’t seem outrageous.  You’ll have your favourites the same way we have ours, but these are the songs and we want you to hear all of them. We meant every note and every word.”

Metal fans, especially those who follow Slipknot, Soilwork and Periphery can experience utter brutality and sheer beauty in lyrics that stem from a personal place coupled with heavy riffs and ferocious drumming found in the single ‘Hold On’, which is available for stream at the following link here.

The album download for “Of Strength and Sorrow” will be available for only $1 EXCLUSIVELY as of August 13, 2019, at www.ExesForEyes.com.


Track Listing:

1. Build, Work, Dream, Create (2:32)
2. Memories That Last (3:21)
3. The Metal (3:57)
4. Nothing Ever Satisfies (5:09)
5. The Fire Inside My Head (feat. Trey Xavier of In Virtue) (6:40)
6. Set It All On Fire (6:19)
7. The Savage Self (4:48)
8. I Miss My Friends (Too Many Of Them Are Dead) (6:26)
9. Hold On i. You Are Not Alone ii. Stronger Than This (8:33)
10. True Self Reckoning (3:11)
11. Love (feat. Pepe Poliquin of BornBroken) (3:56)
12. Get The Fuck Out Of My Head (3:24)
13. Methuselah (6:44)
Album Length: 1:05:07

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EXES FOR EYES is a project born of an overwhelming amount of mutual respect and admiration between two men. Respect for one another’s work ethic, musical proficiency, stylistic taste and of course, for each other as people.

The concept of blindness, be it willing, involuntary, inherent or otherwise is so foreign and far removed from anything within the realm of experience for these men. However as the process has begun to create this music, it has become apparent how limited one’s own vision can be when staring at the broad side of limitless potential and ambition.

With the musical vision of Dave Sheldon (ex-Man With Target, Annihilator) and the lyrical conception of vocalist and frontman Big James (Endast, Authors) the project is very quickly taking shape into something more than either anticipated. The hope is to see the world of metal in a new light, with EXES FOR EYES.

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