ESKHATON: “Omegalitheos” Out Now On Lavadome Productions


Australian death metallers ESKHATON will unleash hell this week with the release of Omegalitheos. Lavadome Productions will release Omegalitheos June 20.

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A promo video for album track “Nusku Etu Genii” is now playing at

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Omegalitheos is the third full-length manifestation from Australia’s ESKHATON.

The Omegalitheos phenomenon features 14 songs of psychotic Death Metal violence and has brought the vast capacities of its two predecessors to even higher levels.

ESKHATON’s frenzied style will resonate with those who crave something more extreme than the standard death metal formula. This is where the status quo stops and the extraordinary ones rise to push the genre beyond its boundaries. Morbid, psychotic, violent, raw, unique, and above all else, uncompromising.

With Omegalitheos, ESKHATON takes its place among the mightiest, most violent Death Metal forces out there today. This is Omegalitheos, Total Death!

Artwork by Daemorph (front cover art), Alex Tsartus (inlay art) and Alex Sharding of Nether Temple (booklet art).


1. Relic Of Mictlantecuhtli

2. Serpentity

3. Elu Azag

4. Inverterror

5. Omegalitheos

6. Abyss Unknown

7. Culthulhunatic

8. Nusku Etu Genii

9. Omnilify

10. Subvoidal

11. Blasphemartyr

12. Intramort

13. Numina Moribundus

14. Kimah Kalu Ultu Ulla


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