Epic melodic Death Metallers NOTHGARD posts tour recap and launches video for ‘Guardians Of Sanity’!


Epic melodic Death Metallers NOTHGARD posts tour recap and launches video for ‘Guardians Of Sanity’!

Epic Melodic Death Metallers NOTHGARD have just finished their live activities for 2018.

Here’s a recap from bandleader Dom R. Crey:

“Wow, what a blast! Four weeks, countless shows all over Europe and an incredibly awesome time. At the end of October we started with the guys of Parasite Inc. in the Malady X release-tour and would like to thank all those who came to the shows. The energy that our fans put up here was fantastic. We had never expected that lyrics of the new songs would be shouted at us during those shows – incredible! Just as great was the subsequent European tour with our Finnish brothers in mind, Omnium Gatherum & Wolfheart. Again, a big thank you to all our fans in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Hungary and Co – you know who you are!”

NOTHGARD have filmed a lot of material during their latest tour and have now launched a videoclip for the ‘Malady X‘ tune ‘Guardians Of Sanity’. Check it out at: youtu.be/oeOGTz3dmvc

Comments Dom R. Crey:

“We have managed to film a new video on tour, this time as a live performance for the song ‘Guardians of Sanity’ from our new album ‘Malady X’. Camera and editing was handled by Wolfheart mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen, who is also producing the clips for his own band. If you couldn’t come to the shows you now have the chance to get a glimpse of our live performance to headbang through your house!”

NOTHGARD have entered the official German album charts with their latest album ‘Malady X‘ on position 53! Click metalblade.com/nothgard to check out all three videos NOTHGARD produced for ‘Malady X‘ and to order the album. Physical and digital options available.

NOTHGARD are working now on festival appearances for 2019. Stay tuned.

NOTHGARD line-up:

Dom R. Crey – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Studio Keyboards

Skaahl – Guitars

Nico Kolja – Bass, Backing Vocals

Felix Indra – Drums





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