ENEMY OF THE ENEMY – New Ep ” Vultures” – Available today !


ENEMY OF THE ENEMYNew Ep ” Vultures”Available today

Enemy Of The Enemy, lots of metal passion packed! Ironic metal rock, whether in their texts or their multiple influences: death, hardcore, punk, heavy, power, neo, hip-hop…About…

After their first album, Hellequin, released in 2013, Enemy of the Enemy returns with a new three part EP project illustrating three separate universes. Each universe has its own aesthetic and influences, which represent three different faces of the same group. This triptych represents three symbolic birds: the Warrior Vulture, the Deadly Raven and the Reborn Phoenix.

The project kicks off with “Vultures”, a universe themed around war, a subject that can be dark and cynical. With its incisive and uncompromising style, “Vultures” discuss topics of human madness, rage, absurd stupidity and the grotesque; all of which correspond to the dark, disturbing irony that characterizes the group.

Armed with an immense, powerful guitar and an imposing groove, the battlefield takes place on these 4 tracks of blood, sweat and violence.

When the Vultures march under an apocalyptic sky, enemies of enemies are never far away…


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