Drop The Curtain single is out from upcoming EP: Monuments


Hungarian progressive metaller Dreamgrave release single ‘Drop The Curtain’ to support their upcoming EP, ‘Monuments’. As with their previous record Presentiment, a physical digipak edition will also be available through the band’s Bandcamp page, shipping right after release, which is scheduled to 26th of October. This digipak edition will also feature two extra live tracks never released before, as bonus.

Lo! Lo and behold: here’s the official YouTube stream for single ‘Drop The Curtain’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEy1VwQLOAw

Check the Thunderclap crowdspeak campaign there: thunderclap.it/projects/62112-dreamgrave-monuments-out-now


Monuments, an EP series

Similarly to the highly acclaimed ‘Presentiment’, Monuments also built around a concept.

“You’re being uploaded, transformed and processed: about the tendency of vaporizing uniformization of the individual, displayed by an EP series of the path that ultimately leads to chosen compulsion to conform.”

MONUMENTS I. – The Anxious coming in October:

01. Drop The Curtain (4:42)

02. Monuments (7:50)

03. The Passing Faith in Others (11:54)

04. Monuments (live bonus track) (7:55)

05. Black Spiral (live bonus track) (7:03)

Recorded, mixed and produced by Gábor Vári, Miracle Sound Studios.

Further parts of the series (The Mad and The Imperious) will follow each other within every 9-10 months.


Digital artist Tobias Art took care of the illustration for both the cover and the digipak, just like he did for ‘Presentiment’ a couple of years ago.

Additionally, let there be a teaser for those who find ‘Drop The Curtain’s’ popish arc somewhat unusual, as opposed to their earlier stuff:


About Dreamgrave

DREAMGRAVE is a dark progressive band from Szeged, Hungary that initially formed in 2007, and after numerous line-up changes, finally came to fruition in September of 2012. The band first released a demo in 2009, but with their new line-up, they released their first full length album entitled ”Presentiment” in October, 2014. Their sound marries traditional progressive metal with symphonic, gothic and strong influences from extreme metal. Featuring female soprano vocals alongside both clean male singing and death metal growls, the music bears influences from acts ranging from OPETH and PARADISE LOST to HAKEN.


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