DREYELANDS – Second album ‘Stages’ comes in May


The critically acclaimed Hungarian progressive metal band DREYELANDS (with members of EDEN’S CURSE, AFTER CRYING and AT NIGHT I FLY) will release their new record ’Stages’ on 24th of May by themselves.

The follow-up to DREYELANDS’ 2010’s debut album ’Rooms of Revelation’ – which won best debut on Hungarian Metal Awards – will feature a 15 piece string orchestra, a 16 piece choir and for the first time the band’s new keyboard player, Zsolt Kovago (HONEYBEAST).

’Stages’ is again a conceptual piece, as its predecessor was. The album is based upon the quintessence of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ 1969 book, ’On Death and Dying’ where she described five stages of grief and loss. According to these five Stages (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance) the record has 5 songs and represents the complete emotional teeter we can experince by any kind of loss.

Andras Adam Horvath guitarist, producer stated about the album: ’Stages’ became a much darker record then our first album was. Not only because of the story, but musically we stepped on a far more gloomy, darker and heavier road while it still remained epic with the symphonic and choir arrangements.

’Stages’ was once again has been produced by guitarist Andras Adam Horvath mixed and mastered by Barnabas Hidasi at HL-Studio, Budapest, Hungary. The artwork is made by Hungarian artist Olívia Nagy who captured the record’s very dark mood with her abstract works of art.

The record will launch on 24th May 2018 on all important digital platforms and on 180g mourning black vinyl, limited to 500 copies, available through the band’s website.

Pre-order starts on 12th of April on www.dreyelands.com on the same day when the first single ’Anger’ will be released.

’Stages’ Tracklisting:

1.      Denial (2:26)

2.      Anger (8:26)

3.      Bargaining (10:32)

4.      Depression (2:03)

5.      Acceptance (12:16)

Bonus song (in hi-resolution digital format only for those who order the record via the band’s website)

6.      Life is Worth the Pain (Re-loaded) (4:53)

(This track’s original version was available exclusively on a benefit compilation album ’Embrace the Sun’ (through Lion Music) for the victims of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan. This version is partly re-recorded by the band plus synthesizers has been changed and recorded by a real symphonic string orchestra, supplemented with a choir, re-mixed and re-mastered. Available only with orders set on dreyelands.com.)


DREYELANDS – ’Stages’ personnel:

Nikola Mijic – vocals

Andras Adam Horvath – guitars (producer)

Zsolt Kovago – keys

Gergely Springer – bass

Omar Gassama – drums

Members of Budapest Art Orchestra and Voice Station Choir

Conducted by Peter Pejtsik

Official Website: 









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