Dreadnought – The Light Shalt Be Ungiven release


On April 20th we have released our debut album called “The Light Shalt Be Ungiven” oscillating over death metal genre area with nihilistic and decadent touch. Album is built in a concept form telling a story in a form of a tragedy. Classic riffing, fresh approach and varied solos seek out the origin from scandinavian scene, this time it’s from another side of a Baltic Sea!

Band members are:

Oskar Przydatek

Vocals, Bass (2013-present)

Łukasz Zapała

Guitars (2014-present)

Michał Bławat

Drums (2017-present)

See also: Repulsor

Maciej “Lenar” Lenartowicz

Guitars (2018-present)

Short bio:

The band was really formed in 2014, with a constant rotation of members Dreadnought played over 40 shows across the Poland. They found their style when the band was joined by the drummer of known polish formation Repulsor, after second and actual guitarist joined they released their debut album cutting off bonds with the sloppy past, as the band claims that now it’s a real debut of theirs, after not showing up on stage for 1,5 year.

Give it a try!




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