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In anticipation of the July 7th release for their new EP “Perspective”, DFB brings us the lyric video for their second single “Domino” via No Clean Singing’s website.

The video makes effective use of the surreal, otherworldly cover art, and the music, mixed and mastered by Julian Rodriguez (ex Elitist) at Parallel Focus Studios, is both physically jolting and has a dreamlike atmosphere with a catchy melody at its core. Fans of heavy rhythms, energetic instrumentation and soaring clean vocals, paired up with some serious growls and bone-crushing screams are bound to find something to sink their teeth in and keep them satisfied for the time being, until Perspective drops this summer.

Vocalist Elijah Arnold opened up about the signing: “This is one of our favorite tracks on the album, and was so much fun to write and record. It has kind of a lighthearted mood to it, which I think makes the darker tone of the lyrics stand out against it. This was the first track we wrote together for Perspective, so it’s pretty special for us. Domino is about fear of judgement, being afraid of being punished for a crime you don’t think you’ve committed. It’s about being unaware of your own faults and being surprised when they come back to haunt you.”


More about the Band,

Formed in 2011, Dylan Furr started his journey as a solo artist, recording and mixing two instrumental albums under his name, showing the world his signature songwriting style and blistering solo skills. Constantly looking to further develop his sound, he added his own vocals to the mix on his third full-length record Juxtaposition, then later re-recorded the album with his new versatile vocalist, Elijah Arnold, adding an entirely new level of singing to the mix. Bringing on new members to the band, the name was changed to DFB, and they are taking the metal world by storm, preparing to release yet another EP, Perspective, later this year.

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“Domino” is the second single from DFB‘s newest EP, Perspective – Out July 7th

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