DESERT reveals the new album artwork, tracklist, preorder and details!


DESERT, the War Metal pioneers from Israel, announce their new album which will be released on July 30th and will be titled FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE”!

FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE is 50 minutes of pure War Metal, with adrenalin-fueled riffs, nasty distorted keyboards, and fist-raising, sing-along choruses. Inspired by heroic deeds of war, the songs are the perfect soundtrack for battle!
Still, the album is dynamic,  with atmosphere-building moments, just like silence builds tension before the storm…

FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE is the band’s third full-length album, featuring updated tight sound, in-your-face vocals and riffs, and upscale production (no sampled drums here!).

The fans like to say that DESERT look and sound like they’re holding assault rifles instead, guitars, being the only war metal band whose members have actual combat experience!
DESERT has built a dedicated following of super fans – the album was completely funded by a successful crowd-funding campaign, grossing well over 130% percent of the target.

This album is an independent release worldwide except Russia, where the album release is licensed by Irond Records!


1. Fix Bayonets!
2. Sons Of War
3. Operation Thunderbolt

4. Fortune Favors The Brave

5. My Black Flag
6. Hajduk’s Revenge

7. I Gave You A Kingdom
8. We Were Soldiers

9. Blood On The Sand

10. Symbol To Believe

Featuring special guests:

Chris Boltendahl [GRAVE DIGGER] on ‘Blood On The Sand’
Georg Neuhauser and Fabio D’Amore [SERENITY] on ‘I Gave You A Kingdom’
Shaked Furman and Yohai Davidoff

Pre-order digipak, vynil and digital versions

Produced/recorded/mixed/mastered by Alex Zvulun in A.G.Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Artwork by Peter Sallai [SABATON, POWERWOLF, WASP]

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