DEMATERIALIZE Drop Instrumental Version of Prog-Core Single “Dead Orbit”

For fans of Polyphia, Veil of Maya, Make Them Suffer


Check the new music video now on Famined Records’ Youtube Channel

Earlier this year, DEMATERIALIZE unveiled their single titled “Dead Orbit” via Famined Records. The piece revealed the band’s complex progressive songwriting skills alike Veil of Maya or Born of Osiris.

To further solidify the virtuosic and experimental compositional talents executed within the single, the group have now released an instrumental version. Without vocals, the listener can take in shreddy influences such as Polyphia or synth-work comparable to Make Them Suffer. You can stream or download the instrumental of “Dead Orbit” by clicking here. If this single has piqued your interest, be sure to dive in deeper and check out the act’s recently released self-titled EP.

In regards to the song, the band stated, “Instrumentally, ‘Dead Orbit’ is the craziest song we’ve written so far. We wanted to expand the sound we established on our EP and really push the boundaries of what we were capable of writing and performing. We’re stoked on how it turned out and the doors it opened for future songs.”

About the Act

DEMATERIALIZE is an Illinois-based quartet consisting of Stephen Jinga (vocals), Craig Hoffman (guitar), Jeremy Verbin (guitar), and Bryce Tollner (drums). The group released their djenty metalcore/deathcore debut EP last year, which made use of relentless chugs, melody sweeps, and atmospheric keys to mercilessly pound the listener into submission.


You can purchase or stream the track here

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