DEMATERIALIZE Are Back with “Dead Orbit”

The Illinois-based quartet is back on the scene


“Dead Orbit” is out and available now, stream it here

It’s been just a few months since DEMATERIALIZE debuted on the scene with their self-titled EP back in December 2018, and the quartet is already back for more, as today they’re unleashing their newest single, “Dead Orbit”. It’s now premiering through Chugcore’s YouTube channel and can be purchased/streamed here.

Picking up right where they left off, “Dead Orbit” is exactly what you’d expect the band’s next step to be: the quartet has honed in on their sound while staying faithful to what inspires them and what they enjoy. The track meshes together catchy, distorted guitars and haunting vocals, both the driving forces of their previous EP that have now been taken up a notch. If you’ve been one of the fans who’ve enjoyed and still listen to the band’s self-titled, there is no way you can go wrong with this single.

Craig (guitar) has opened up about the track:

“Dead Orbit discusses the prevalence of science in our society and how important issues can be in conflict among people. There are a number of topics that have withstood the rigorous scientific method, yet still are debated. These technologies are of critical importance to humans and disagreements or misunderstanding could have dire consequences. Dead Orbit calls on listeners to think about information that is presented to them and draw conclusions in the absence of personal bias and anecdotes.”

About the Act

DEMATERIALIZE make use of relentless chugs, melody sweeps, and atmospheric keys to mercilessly pound the listener into submission.


Stream or purchase “Dead Orbit” here

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