DEEZ NUTS – announce “The Summer of Binge & Purgatory 2017” tour


After just releasing their latest album, “Binge & Purgatory”, last Friday, DEEZ NUTS are announcing their upcoming “The Summer of Binge & Purgatory 2017” tour which is taking them to various festivals such as Hellfest, With Full Force, Jera On Air, Resurrection Festival, Nord Open Air or Riez Open Air, but also sees them playing club shows.


The Summer of Binge&Purgatory 2017

16.06.17 (DE) Freiburg – Crash

17.06.17 (FR) Metz – Monkey Show

18.06.17 (FR) Clisson – Hellfest

19.06.17 (FR) Paris – Glazart

20.06.17 (DE) Düsseldorf – Zakk (w/ Suicidal Tendencies)

21.06.17 (DE) Kiel – Schaubude

22.06.17 (DE) Gräfenhainichen – With Full Force Festival

24.06.17 (NL) Ysselsteyn – Jera On Air

25.06.17 (DE) Göttingen – Exil (w/ Obey The Brave)

27.06.17 (DE) Weinheim – Cafe Central (w/ Obey The Brave)

28.06.17 (CH) Meyrin-Genève – Undertown

29.06.17 (CH) Aarau – Kiff Foyer (w/ First Blood)

01.07.17 (DE) Giebelstadt – Mission Ready Festival

02.07.17 (DE) Losheim – Reality Bites Festival

03.07.17 (DE) Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz (w/ First Blood)

04.07.17 (DE) Regensburg – Airport (w/ Northlane, Chelsea Grin, Obey The Brave)

05.07.17 (CZ) Hradec Kralove – Rock For People

06.07.17 (AT) Steyr – Röda (w/ first Blood)

07.07.17 (ES) Viveiro – Resurrection Festival

08.07.17 (AT) Kapfenberg – Overdrive Festival

09.07.17 (SK) Bratislava – Randal (w/ First Blood, Obey The Brave)

10.07.17 (SLO) Ljubljana – Gala Hala (w/ Obey The Brave)

13.07.17 (DE) Stuttgart – Juha West (w/ First Blood)

14.07.17 (BE) Herk – De Stad Rock Herk

15.07.17 (DE) Goldenstadt – Afdreit Un Buten Festiva

l16.07.17 (DE) Rostock – Alte Zuckerfabrik (w/ First Blood)

18.07.17 (PL) Warsaw – Hydrozagadka

20.07.17 (DE) Munich – Backstage – Free & Easy (w/ Obey The Brave)

22.07.17 (DE) Lindau – Umsonst & Draussen

23.07.17 (DE) Siegen – Vortex26.07.17 (IL) Tel Aviv – Gagarin (w/ Kids Insane)

28.07.17 (DE) Essen – Nord Open Air (afternoon)

28.07.17 (DE) Bausendorf – Riez Open Air (evening)

The band is thrilled about the feedback to “Binge & Purgatory”, JJ Peters: “The response to B&P is everything we’ve hoped for and more. We’ve never received this much critical acclaim from reviewers and fans alike. We can’t wait to get out and tour and play these new songs to a live audience.”

Following some international media feedback to their latest album, “Binge & Purgatory”:

” ’Binge & Purgatory’ is the most exciting thing to emerge from Deez Nuts since Sam Carter’s feature threw everyone for a loop.” (Hysteria Mag, AUS)

“Deez Nuts have knocked it out of the park again.” (

“This is a splendid hardcore record full of crunchy riffs, tight breakdowns and gang vocals galore that will satisfy all the Deez Nuts fans in the world multiple times over.” (Kill Your Stereo, AUS)

“Immense grooves, riffs to shatter brick walls.” (Metal Hammer, UK)”Their most mature, accomplished and punishing work to date.” (Rock Sound, UK)

“’Binge & Purgatory’ is a Deez Nuts album for the masses, and one which steps out of the mould previously forged by the band and pushes them to the forefront of the hardcore scene.” (Punktastic, UK)

“… the first hardcore highlight of the year.” (Rock Hard. DE)“’Binge & Purgatory’ is the next important step to stand out from the majority and to stay longer than many others” (OX, DE)

“… unfuckwithable swagger…” (Fuze, DE)

“More ravaging and angrier than ever! ‘Binge & Puragtory’, the hardcore album of the year!”  (United Rock Nations, FR)

“In 32 minutes, Deez Nuts go straight to the point with catchy riffs and direct hits. The band is using its sense of melody way more than in the past.” (MyRock mag, FR)

“Amazing grooves, heavy hardcore riffs with hip hop vocals. This is straight modern heavy hardcore. This is Deez Nuts we are talking about!” (Guitar Part mag, FR)

“A new bone crushing album, each song is a blast of punk and sharp hardcore, if you haven’t heard of Deez Nuts, be prepared.” (Radio Metal, FR)

“Deez Nuts at its best” (Rock Tribune, B)”Deez Nuts’s new album shows a more profound approach in their lyrics while delivering the same energy and flow you experience at their live shows” (Rockzone, ES)

Make sure to check out the following videos that have been released:



“Binge & Purgatory” was produced by Deez Nuts and Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid), engineered by Shane Frisby (The Ghost Inside, Bury Your Dead) and mixed and mastered by Pete Rutcho (Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside). The unique artwork was created by a group of creative individuals with Pat Fox taking care of the design and layout, James Hartley supplying the photos and Tyrrell Winston actualising the compositions.

The following vinyl colours are available of the “Binge & Purgatory” LP+CD internationally:

Lilac: via the Century Media webshop

Neon orange: via CM Distro Wholesale, so only available via selected shops including the Century Media webshop

Neon pink: Australia only, click here for options

Splatter (lilac and black in clear): via Impericon in Europe

Check the following link for several order options:

Plus check out the Impericon store for bundles, they are carrying an exclusive splatter vinyl in Europe:

People from Australia click here:

Also, catch DEEZ NUTS live on the following dates: Australian club tour:

16.04.17 (AUS) Brisbane – The Brightside (18+)

20.04.17 (AUS) Perth – Last Night (18+)

22.04.17 (AUS) Sydney – AM/PM (18+)

24.04.17 (AUS) Melbourne – Plastic (18+)


30.05.17 (CDN) Montreal – Le Ritz PDB

31.05.17 (CDN) Quebec – L’Anti

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