Culted stream full album Vespertina Synaxis – A Prayer for Union & Emptiness!

Recently signed industrial doom machine CULTED are now streaming their entire forthcoming EP, ‘Vespertina Synaxis – A Prayer for Union & Emptiness’. The EP will hit the worldwide stores this Friday, August 30th 2019.

You can listen to the EP in full via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel at the link below!


CULTED – Vespertina Synaxis – A Prayer for Union & Emptiness (full album) 2019

CULTED have previously revealed the artwork and album details for ‘Vespertina Synaxis – A Prayer for Union & Emptiness’ which can be viewed below.


Track List:

1. A Prayer for Union (04:54)
2. Dirt Black Chalice (10:25)
3. A Prayer for Emptiness (12:06)
Total: 27:25


CULTED crawled forth from the icy expanse of the Canadian prairies and the Nordic coast of Sweden when Michael Klassen and Matthew Friesen were approached by Daniel Jansson to collaborate on an international project. In 2008, these ideas began to coalesce, with fellow Canadian Kevin Stevenson joining the cult to start the recording of their first two releases: LP ‘Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep’ and EP ‘Of Death and Ritual.’

2013 saw the release of the follow-up full-length, ‘Oblique to All Paths,’ which was written, recorded, and produced in various closets, basements, dens, and domiciles. Now, in 2019, CULTED continue their down-tempo exploration of blackened and industrial soundscapes with ‘Vespertina Synaxis; A Prayer for Union and Emptiness.’ The doom-laden mini-album finds its inspiration in the isolation, alienation, and damnation that dominates the rime-encrusted lands CULTED inhabit.

Style: Blackened Industrial Doom

Recording Studio:

Blood In Blood Out Studios
Vocals and ambience recorded in Studio 218 Gothenburg, Sweden

Producer / sound engineer:
Matthew Friesen, Michael Klassen, and Daniel Jansson

Blood In Blood Out Studios – Matthew Friesen and Michael Klassen

Apartment 2 Recording – Topon Das


Matthew Friesen: guitar, bass, keyboards, noise and percussion
Michael Klassen: guitar, bass keyboards, noise and percussion
Kevin Stevenson: drums and percussion
Daniel Jansson: Vocals and noise

Cover artwork:
Max Winter from Teratogen

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