Crossing Eternity new video “Ghost Of A Storm”

CROSSING ETERNITY new video “Ghost Of A Storm”from forthcoming album “The Rising World” Out June 15

CROSSING ETERNITY – Ghost Of A Storm (Official Music Video)


Crossing Eternity are proud to reveal new single/video “Ghost Of A Storm” taken from new album “The Rising World” to be released on June 15th, via Rockshots Records. Video can be viewed at the link below.

GHOST OF A STORM / Official Music Video

Crossing Eternity is a Romanian/Swedish symphonic power metal band founded in 2017 by experienced musicians who are truly passionate in the way they approach music. Starting with the recording of their first studio album “The Rising World”, the band members aimed for an organic, old school sound, rejecting the temptation of an over-produced record.

“There is real magic in this world! The soul is asking for it! We just need to listen with love and courage inside us and what you’ll find deep inside, then we will find in the outside world!….” – Manu Savu.

“The Rising World” consists of 13 songs i is set to be released on ROCKSHOTS RECORDS on June 15, 2018, featuring an outstanding artwork created by the renowned digital artist Gustavo Sazes.


Berti Barbera – Lead Vocal/percussion instruments

Manu Savu – Guitar/ Bass/ Keyboards

Johann Hentz – Bass

Uffe Tillman – Drums / Percussion

Pre-orders are already available at the following link: ➤

“Crossing Eternity” (Official Music Video) ➤

Crossing Eternity has been recently confirmed as main support act for KAMELOT next show August 16th at the Quantic Club – Bucaresti / Romania




01 Crossing Eternity

02 Ghost Of A Storm

03 Sand In The Sky

04 High above the crown

05 Kingdom Come

06 Embrace Your Voices

07 Journey To The End Of Dreams

08 Winter Poem09 Haunted

10 Dreams Fall

11 Angels Cry, Rainbows Hide

12 Spirit Of The Forest

13 War Of Gods

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