Crimson Dawn: “In Strange Aeons…” vinyl limited edition available!


When it came out on CD in 2013 for My Graveyard Productions, , was hailed as an impressive debut and one of the highlights of the year in Epic Doom Metal by many press magazines and webzines, allowing the band to take part to many important doom festivals across Europe, like Play It Doom (Italy), Malta Doom (Malta) and Doom Over Vienna (Austria). Now, on the eve of a mini-tour that will again take the band across Europe for three amazing live shows in Germany, Austria and Italy with Greek Doom sensation Doomocracy, Punishment 18 Records has decided to publish “In Strange Aeons…” on vinyl for the very first time! This high-quality pressing of the album is limited to 300 copies on red vinyl, and has a slightly different tracklist with a new, never-heard-before instrumental intro taking place of the ones found on the original CD version. A unique opportunity for vinyl aficionados, who will get the pleasure to spin classic tunes like “Tower Of Sin”, “Cosmic Death” and the beloved hymn “Crimson Dawn” on their turntables for the first time. The LP will be available for purchase starting on 31th may. Doom or be doomed!



The Halls of Doom (new intro)
Tower Of Sin
Black Waters
Cosmic Death


Scourge Of The Dead
Crimson Dawn
March Of The Masters Of Doom
Siege At The Golden Citadel

– Crimson Dawn –
– Punishment 18 Records –


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