CONCRETE FUNERAL Premiere “Ultimum Judicium” Album Stream

For fans of Death/Thrash, Exodus, Death (the band), Lamb of God, Carcass

Calgary Death Thrash CONCRETE FUNERAL Premiere “Ultimum Judicium” Album Stream via MetalInsider

 L-R – Jesse Lindbeck – Lead Guitar, Devin Schum – Guitar / Vocals, Paul Mercer – Bass, Connor Erhart – Drums
Photo Credit: Red Dahlia Photography

Calgary’s CONCRETE FUNERAL have been bashing their way into the ears of metal lovers in the local underground scene since 2015 and now they are bringing their debut album “Ultimum Judicium” to the masses this week on Friday, May 31st, 2019.

Just before the album officially is released, the heavy groove thrashers have teamed up with for the premiere of its full stream.

The band adds:

“Each song is its own tale. We bring an audio shitkicking with personality, off colour humour and maybe borderline questionable commentary. We wanna get people laughing, moshing and just having an all-out party. It’s straight forward, groovy death thrash that does contain elements of black metal and punk as well and we think a lot of people can get down on that. We’re really hoping to draw some fans across Canada and beyond with this record. We have a no bullshit approach to music so those that like it straight up heavy, no cleans should really dig it. And to add, we had the cover done in the style of a graphic novel to paint a picture of who we are and our sound. “

Listen to “Ultimum Judicium” at the following link:

Those looking for the latest auditory mayhem, especially with an interest in Exodus, Death, and Lamb of God need to look no further as this face punching death/thrash metal assault will be available on May 31, 2019.

Album pre-order is available on Bandcamp.

Lyric Video – ‘Stabbed To Death’ –

Music Video – ‘Carnival of Contradictions’ –


Track Listing:

1. Ultimum Judicium (1:37)
2. Speak of The Devil (4:27)
3. Drown (4:44)
4. Holo-Comb (2:55)
5. Code Adam (3:59)
6. Toxic Fuck (3:08)
7. Mattress Stains (4:03)
8. Carnival of Contradictions (4:10)
9. Stabbed To Death (3:00)
Album Length: 32:06

Band Members:

Devin Schum – Guitars / Vocals
Paul Mercer – Bass Guitar
Connor Erhart – Drums
Jesse Lindbeck – Lead Guitar

For more info:



Concrete Funeral is a no-holds-barred contingent of death/thrash from Calgary, Alberta that has done much to project themselves to the forefront of their local music scene since 2015. Known for packing venues and festivals while bringing a heavy and powerful presence to the stage, Concrete Funeral has had the privilege to play with bands such as Archspire, Battlecross, Disciples of Power, Kataklysm, and Toxic Holocaust.

Incorporating a vast variety of influences with some of the more prominent being Warbringer, Zakk Wylde, and Onslaught, and Hypocrisy, Concrete Funeral produces a sound in the veins of Death, Exodus and Lamb of God. Citing references like Hobo With A Shotgun; the band embraces over the top comedic horror and frequently embellishes their metal with those themes. Concrete Funeral is comprised of four talented musicians from Alberta that collectively have decades of experience behind them. In May 2019, they will be by releasing their debut album “Ultimum Judicium” with plans for future touring within Canada.

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