Cochise – new video clip “Control”


Cochise, a grunge band from Poland, has just released a brand new studio album “Swans And Lions”. To coincide with the album premiere, the band has published a promo video for the fourth single “Cristal”.

It can be seen in this location:

“Swans And Lions” – track list:

1. 16

2. Cristal

3. Tick Tack Toe

4. Neverland

5. Beautiful Destroyers

6. Control

7. Pain of God

8. Winter

9. Storm

10. Swans

11. …and Lions

12. Secrets (Bonus track)

The band was formed in 2004 in Białystok, Poland. The current line-up includes: Paweł Małaszyński on vocals (he is also a very successful movie actor in Poland), Wojtek Napora on the guitar, Radek Jasiński on the bass guitar and Adam ‘Argon’ Galewski on the drums. So far, they have released a demo “9” plus four full-length releases – „Still Alive” in 2010, „Back to Beginning” in 2012, “118” in 2014, “The Sun Also Rises For Unicorns” in 2015 and “Swans and Lions” in 2018. Their music is a perfect blend of energetic songs enriched with heavy, almost metal sounds with more delicate, atmospheric ones.

Cochise – line-up:

Paweł Małaszyński – vocals

Wojtek Napora – guitar

Radek Jasiński – bass guitar

Adam ‘Argon’ Galewski – drums

Official websites:

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