Chris Holmes : The Pool Interview 2.0.

It is probably one of the most memorable interviews done in Metal history, the “Pool Interview” legendary ex-WASP guitarist Chris Holmes did in 1988 for the documentary film “The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II : The Metal Years”.

Till today, the older generation remembers this interview and the younger generation gets familiar with it. Nobody gave Holmes a chance to survive with the lifestyle he had. He wouldn’t survive the music industry and many even feared for his life.

Although we are almost 30 years later, a lot of people still see Chris Holmes as the guy they remember from the ’80’s …

… but a lot has changed ! Holmes is still there, alive and kickin’ and touring the world with his band Chris Holmes’ Mean Man. You even might can state that he is happier than ever before and lives to be on stage where he belongs and proves this night after night while being on tour.

And therefore it’s time to present to you all :

Chris Holmes “The Pool Interview” 2.0. 2017 :

Holmes sends a message to all fans that even when all odds are against you, you can beat them, rise up and do what you love to do !

Currently, Holmes is touring with his band Chris Holmes’ Mean Man. Many more tour dates added soon :

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