Burn Inc.: check out the music video for “Hate”


After officially releasing the first record in their career, the quartet Burn Incorporated begins explaining to fans the ideas and inspirations for the songs that make up the “Supernova” EP.

The first single, that was released as a music video, was  precisely the opening track “Hate”. The song, that bolsters an impeccable quality and displays all the virtuosity from the four young musicians, is an analogy for the concept of hate itself, shown in a context of hierarchical ascension over other people.


The song explores the void that a being may experience by being instituted as superior to his peers, transforming this power into evil, unleashed upon those below their sovereignty, humiliating and exposing your kin as an inferior being, incapable of growth.


The “Supernova” EP can be enjoyed in its entirety on all the world’s main streaming platforms. Available on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, iTune, Google Play, Napster and many other channels. The EP has four tracks of pure Heavy Metal.

Check out the official track listing for Burn Inc’s first EP – Supernova:

01 – Hate

02 – Lonely

03 – Until My End

04 – Supernova (Instrumental)


Hariel Davela – vocals

Gabriel Alonso – guitars

Raphael Alonso – bass

Vincenzo Nuciteli – drums

More information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burnbanda/

Roadie Metal Press: http://roadie-metal.com/press/burn-incorporated/

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