BROKEN & BONED: Band prepares to release new single


BROKEN & BONED: Band prepares to release new single

After releasing ‘A Fable‘ lyric video this year, the brazilian Death Metal band Broken & Boned went into the studio to record a new single called ‘Fútil‘. The band chose Legacy Studio in Belém, Pará (BRA) to work on the sessions.

The song is a leftover studio from the ‘Hypocrisy Hymns’ album released in 2018 and is now getting some touch-up to be released on streaming platforms.

“This song is very different from the others because it has a lot of melody, so we don’t include it in ‘Hypocrisy’, it has a slightly more melodic composition, so we decided to give it a separate chapter, we’re giving it a new look, a crafted one and it’s That’s it: Death Metal!”

, explains Carlos Nava, play guitar and back vocals of the band completed by Rômulo Portela (lead vocals), MarceloMarshall” (guitar), Lúcio de Paula (bass) and André Cecim (drums).

The release is scheduled for the end of this second semester.

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