BORN FROM LIE – New album “The New World Order Part 1” – Out on April 13th



Founded in 2014, BORN FROM LIE is a band at the intersection of rock and metal music. For our third  album “The new world order part I” we launched ourselves into a concept where each track is a chapter of a single overall story.


group of people who left their country by boat to find a promised land in a city, but this one is surrounded by a wall.It will be possible for them to attempt to enter in the city via a cell controlled by the army after having carried out various tests (psychological and medical). The sick are taken aside to be treated, but after several days, none of them return from the Infirmary.

The protagonists who stayed in the cell decide to send one of them, pretending to be sick, in order to see what happened to the others; he will not come back either. A part of the group is convinced that the military are lying to them, and decide to quit the cell while another part of the group decides nevertheless to try their luck in the city.

The group that decided to quit the cell remains lock up and finally learn the truth: in order to avoid any rebellion and coalition around the city, they accept all the people who come to them and make a selection once they are inside: sick, embarrassing people or people unable to work are eliminated while others enter in the city to accomplish dirty work.


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