BLASPHEMOUS sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions; “Emerging Through Fire” set for release on July 27th

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Filthadelphia’s black/death destroyers Blasphemous and are set to release their new album, Emerging Through Fire July 27 on CD and Digital formats.

Resurfacing from the darkest depths of Filthadelphia, Blasphemous make their long awaited HPGD debut with their first release since 2010’s Bearer Of The Darkest Plagues. Formed in 2003, Blasphemous are back and more intense than ever before, unleashing eight new tracks of intense Black/Death Metal fury. Emerging Through Fire is a must have release for fans of Black Witchery, Deicide, Dissection, God Dethroned, Gorgoroth, Immortal and Morbid Angel.


Check out album track  “Mouth Of Lies” at

Emerging Through Fire is now available for pre-order at:

CD –

Digital –


1. The Unholy Light

2. Emerging Through Fire

3. Descend Into Nothingness

4. Salvation Denied

5. Death Realm

6. Mouth Of Lies

7. Possessed By Madness

8. Soul Of Ten Thousand Sorrows

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