Black Death Arrives at Montreal’s Covenant Festival March 29-31


The COVENANT FESTIVAL is bringing back its Black Mass of Metal to Montreal March 29 – 31. Spreading the Black Death on stage will be DEAD CONCREGATION, THE RUINS OF BEVERAST, MALOKARPATAN, ADVERSARIAL, THANTIFAXATH, and SABBATH ASSEMBLY, among other great bands (see the complete list with day lineups below).

The festival will be held at La Sala Rossa. A 3-day general admission pass is available for $80, along with other ticketing options at this location.

Festival organizers released the following statement about the event:

“The COVENANT returns to make Montreal our sacred grounds once again! After the defiling of the Christ’s day of resurrection in 2017, we shall make glorious the name of Death between March 29 – 31 2018 for a second time. We were blessed by the faithful in attendance last year, and we aim to reward thee with an even more demented lineup beyond anything we have constructed thus far. Another ceremony of palpable BLACK DEATH awaits! “

Covenant Fest Promo Video:


March 29

Malokarpatan (First time in Canada)

Thantifaxath (Exclusive Performance)

Garotting Deep (Exclusive Performance)Muertos

March 30

The Ruins of Beverast (First time in Canada)

Sabbath Assembly (Exclusive Performance)

Suffering Hour (First time in Canada)

Auroch (Exclusive Performance)Ordeals (First time in Canada)

March 31

Dead Congregation (First time in Canada)

Adversarial (Exclusive Performance)

Zealotry (Premier spectacle)Azothyst Necrosphere

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