BEAST IN BLACK – ‘Blind And Frozen’ video, more album details and pre-order!


International heavy metallers BEAST IN BLACK recently announced that they have signed a worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band with former BATTLE BEAST guitarist Anton Kabanen presents the first music video from their 10-track debut album titled »Berserker«, which will be released on November 3rd, 2017! The video for ‘Blind And Frozen’, directed by Ville Lipiäinen (NIGHTWISH etc.), can be watched over on YouTube:

Anton commented on the track:”‘Blind And Frozen’ is a super catchy and massive song. Yannis’ interpretation and performance here is nothing short of pure perfection!”


Additionally, BEAST IN BLACK have also unveiled the album’s track listing, which can be seen below.

Pre-order »Berserker« now in various formats (DIGI, LP (black, silver)):

Pre-order »Berserker« digitally and receive ‘Blind And Frozen’ instantly or stream the track:

Listen in the NB Novelties Playlist:

»Berserker« – Track Listing:


01. Beast In Black

02. Blind And Frozen

03. Blood Of A Lion

04. Born Again

05. Zodd The Immortal

06. The Fifth Angel

07. Crazy, Mad, Insane

08. Hell For All Eternity (Bonus Track – DIGI only)

09. Eternal Fire

10. Go To Hell (Bonus Track- DIGI only)

11. End Of The World

12. Ghost In The Rain


Side A

01. Beast In Black

02. Blind And Frozen

03. Blood Of A Lion

04. Born Again

05. Zodd The Immortal

Side B

01. The Fifth Angel

02. Crazy, Mad, Insane

03. Eternal Fire

04. End Of The World

05. Ghost In The Rain

The five-piece, Helsinki based heavy metal band BEAST IN BLACK was founded by Anton Kabanen soon after he had parted ways with BATTLE BEAST in 2015. By the end of 2015 the band had played their first gig, as the opening act for NIGHTWISH.

»Berserker« was produced by Anton in his Sound Quest Studio. Its cover artwork marks the return of the collaboration between Anton and Roman Ismailov who was the original illustrator and graphic artist for BATTLE BEAST.

»Berserker« maintains the style of Anton’s previously composed works which include the first three BATTLE BEAST albums. Influenced by 80’s metal bands such as JUDAS PRIEST, MANOWAR, W.A.S.P., BLACK SABBATH and ACCEPT, the record is nothing but a great heavy metal album. “It’s very straightforward, catchy and powerful and occasionally mixed with some symphonic influences,” Anton adds. Lyrically, Kabanen also continues his previous style: “Many songs such as the title track, ‘Beast In Black’, and ‘Zodd The Immortal’, are strongly influenced by the Japanese manga and anime »Berserk«.


Yannis Papadopoulos | vocals

Mate Molnar | bass

Sami Hänninen | drums

Kasperi Heikkinen | guitars

Anton Kabanen | guitars, vocals

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