Bay Area Thrashers POTENTIAL THREAT SF Release “Threat to Society”

Bay Area Thrashers POTENTIAL THREAT SF Release Threat to Society


San Francisco thrash metal veterans, Potential Threat SF, are psyched to announce that they have signed with German label Ragnarök Records! The band’s greatly anticipated new album, Threat to Society, became available May 23rd, 2019 in Europe and has 11 unmerciful and defiant tracks that gives every listener a good wallop.

The band’s third album, Threat To Society is everything you can long for as a Bay Area-thrash fan: aggressive shouting, sawing riffs, a booming bass and driving drums. And it’s of course not high speed all the time, the band knows how to keep the listeners attention.

Stream the album’s title track at

Threat to Society was recorded and produced by Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios and mastered by Maor Appelbaum. Streaming and digital downloads will be available in June. The digipak CD edition will be out in America late June/early July.


San Francisco Bay Area thrash bands have long been known for their in-your-face approach to music, and Potential Threat SF are definitely no strangers to that tradition.

Originally formed as a five-piece in 1986, they have shared the stage with everyone from Testament to Slayer to Cro-Mags to Nuclear Assault, and have toured with the likes of Artillery, Death Angel, Sacrificial Slaughter, Striker and more. Their hard-working, no-holds-barred attitude carries over to their live shows. Though they put every ounce of grit and determination into their set, they still manage not to sound like angry old fucks. Their mentality is simple – it is just as easy for a band to get the audience involved in their show as it is to be pissed off and push them away. In short, they still have fun and show it on stage and to the fans, regardless of how many years they have been playing or how many people are in the audience.

The band consists of Mike Noble on lead vocals and lead/rhythm guitars, Daniel Sheridan (Nature’s Grave) on lead/rhythm guitars, Damien Sisson (Death Angel) on bass, and Kenny Noble on drums.


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