Battlerage, Attacker, Sacro Sanctus…triple salvo from METAL ON METAL RECORDS

This month Metal On Metal Records presents 3 releases oozing with molten and blistering Metal…..


First up is “Dreams In Darkness” from Chilean band Battlerage. Often compared to Cirith Ungol, Sacred Steel and Metal Church, amongst others, tracks unveiled in conjunction with the album suggest that the album is epic,  heavy and unmissable. But check out the album’s title-track and decide for yourselves:



Metal On Metal Records also release an EP from U.S. Metal veterans Attacker. The band will have new material to show off at their European live dates this month but those unable to be there can check out “Armor Of The Gods”. Besides 4 studio-tracks, the EP also features 2 live tracks recorded at Up The Hammers festival in Greece. The artwork was created by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi, co-owner of Metal On Metal Records.


Listen to ‘Skinwalker’, a song appearing in “Armor Of The Gods”:


Albert Bell, bass player of Forsaken and of Nomad Son, releases his 3rd Sacro Sanctus album through Metal On Metal Records. It’s called “Liber III: Codex Templarum” and this time Albert has sought the services of drummer Steve Lombardo and guitarist Owen Grech to help bring his compositions to life. Embellished with an awesome artwork, the release is the 3rd installment in the Templar trilogy.

It could be said that the album’s DNA possesses genes such as early Celtic Frost, Motorhead, Venom, Bathory but it’s probably easier to listen to a sample from the album: 



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