Azrath-11: drummer Jonathan ” A.D.D” Garofoli performing “Symbolic” from Death


Azrath-11 drummer Asmodeus Draco Dux tributed to one of the most important bands in the Metal history and in his career!

‘Death was, and still is, one of the reason which pushed me play drums in a more technical, intricate and creative way!’

Asmodeus D.D. said

‘Together with my beloved “Human”, “Symbolic” had an incredible impact over me; Gene Hoglan literally schocked me with his outstanding and overcreative drumming, groovy and tasty, filled by mindblowing chops! It was about time to give ’em a proper tribute, an humble homage for such a talented and unique ensamble!’.

You can see the video below.


– Azrath-11 –

– Punishment 18 Records –

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