Auðn unleash first track of forthcoming album

AUÐN are unveiling the first atmospheric track taken from their forthcoming album ‘Farvegir Fyrndar’, which is scheduled for release on November 10th. The song “Í Hálmstráið Held” is now streaming via the official media partners listed below.

Metal Hammer (DE)

Radio Metal (FR)

Rocking (GR)

Lángoló Gitárok (HU)


Metalitalia (IT)

Rock Portaal (NL)

Kvlt (PL)

Loud (PT)

Metalfan (RO)

Crank It Up (SE)

Antichrist Magazine (UA)

Metal Hammer (UK)

AUÐN comment: “We are ecstatic to present ‘Í Hálmstráið Held’ to you, the first track taken from our new album, which is entitled ‘Farvegir Fyrndar’. We feel that this song represents our record very well as it points into the direction, which we are striving for. ‘Í Hálmstráið Held’ retains the atmosphere of our previous release, but sounds both more aggressive and melodic at the same time. We are taking things a step further and hope that you will join us!”

AUÐN furthermore release the artwork of ‘Farvegir Fyrndar’ (created by Víðir Mýrmann Þrastarson), which is shown together with the track-list below.


Track list

1. Veröld Hulin (6:24)

2. Lífvana Jörð (4:06)

3. Haldreipi Hugans (8:04)

4. Prísund (4:03)

5. Ljósaslæður (6:37)

6. Blóðrauð Sól (4:27)

7. Eilífar Nætur (5:42)

8. Skuggar (5:14)

9. Í Hálmstráið Held (5:20)

Total playing time: 49:57


On further news, AUÐN have announced a European tour together with label mates THE GREAT OLD ONES in support of GHAALS WYRD. A full list of confirmed dates can be found below.


AUÐN+The Great Old Ones +Ghaals WYRD

01 Dec 17 Bochum (DE) Matrix

02 Dec 17 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob

04 Dec 17 Toulouse (FR) metronum

05 Dec 17 Madrid (ES) Chango

06 Dec 17 Barcelona (ES) boveda

07 Dec 17 Marseille (FR) Jas Rod

09 Dec 17 Bologna (IT) Alcemica Music Club

10 Dec 17 Zürich (CH) Werk 21

12 Dec 17 München (DE) Backstage

13 Dec 17 Wroclaw (PL) Firlej

14 Dec 17 Erfurt (DE) From Hell

15 Dec 17 Berlin (DE) De Mortem Et Diabolum

AUÐN Festivals

16 Dec 17 Eindhoven (NL) Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2017

30 Mar 18 Oslo (NO) Inferno Festival 2018

For all its beauty, Iceland can be a sinister place where furious elements rage teaching fear but also inspiring human creativity. Hailing from the village of Hveragerði in the south of the volcanic island, AUÐN are the latest offspring from the burgeoning black metal scene in this land of ice and snow to set their dark sails for foreign shores.

With their second full-length, ‘Farvegir Fyrndar’ (literally meaning “Ancient Riverbeds” – with a long tail of untranslatable subtext), AUÐN continue their fast ascent. Unlike the majority of their blackened brethren from the country’s capital Reykjavik, this young band does not base its sound more or less on DEATHSPELL OMEGA worship, but rather reaches back to a more classic second generation black metal approach for inspiration.

AUÐN deliver haunting melodies and beautifully frozen atmospheres – as opposed to the jarring and caustic blunt force trauma that has brought this remote place in the Northern Atlantic to the black metal forefront of lateFounded in the bleak winter of 2010, AUÐN’s talent was quick to be recognised. The band got invited to Iceland’s main metal event, the Eistnaflug Festival and won the local Wacken Metal Battle contest in 2016, while making it to the top 3 at the main event. Performances at the prestigious Inferno and Roadburn Festivals followed in 2017.

With ‘Farvegir Fyrndar’, AUÐN not only demonstrate the impressive progress of their songwriting skills but also deliver a clear definition of their very own black sound. Warning: this album grows with every spin and will take a long time to even come close to any limit!


Aðalsteinn Magnússon – guitar

Andri Björn Birgisson – guitar

Hjalti Sveinsson – vocals

Hjálmar Gylfason – bass

Sigurður Kjartan Pálsson – drums

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