Atmospheric avant-garde black metal band Wyrmwoods released a second album today!


Finnish atmospheric avant-garde black metal band Wyrmwoods released their second album “Spirit & Teeth” via Inverse Records.

The band’s sole member Nuurag-Vaarn comments:

“The new album “Spirit & Teeth” is more experimental and avant-garde than the previous album, even though the production is a bit more lo-fi and Black Metal. Most of the synths have been replaced with an electric piano and with it there’s slightly more jazz influences to be heard.

Of course Black Metal’s still the main thing and there’s also some more straightforward Black Metal parts, like the start of the titular song, which then evolves into something else, with Darkspace and even Swans influences.”

Listen to Spirit & Teeth album on:​






Track list:

1. The Sun Will Radiate Its Light Through the Scenes of Horror

2. War Sublimating the Lycanthropic Death-Wave

3. I Am All the Vermin in History

4. Spirit & Teeth

Original artwork by John Dickson Batten


Nuurag-Vaarn – Everything


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