Asymmetry Of Ego: The New Album “Forsake Beyond The Dusk” Out On March 26th via This Is Core


Alternative progressive-metal act Asymmetry Of Ego will release the new album “Forsake Beyond The Dusk” on March 26th via This Is Core. Talking about the new album, the band says:

“‘Forsake Beyond The Dusk’ isn’t a proper concept album but all the songs are linked by some common threads. This album takes pictures of moments of the everyday life of potentially every person, situations which carry the character to rebuild himself from scratch, to dig deeply searching for a balance in life, no matter what it costs”.”

Forsake Beyond The Dusk” artwork and track listing


01. Intro – Freedom For Convenience

02. Erase Myself

03. The Sound Of Brightness

04. The Monster

05. Deep From The Underground

06. I Don’t Know (Charlie Says Fuck)

07. One Word

08. Fake Lies

09. The Ant Heap Awakens

10. Outro – Torn Apart


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