“Armageddon Descends VI” festival announces the main artists

“Armageddon Descends” is one of the leading indoor underground metal and electronics festivals in the Baltic region, which takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania, at one of the most unique local venues “Kablys” (The Hook). The 6th edition of the festival will run for two days from Friday, April 12th to Saturday, April 13th with additional art exhibitions and film programs starting from Thursday, April 11th.

The sixth edition of “Armageddon Descends” will host a wide variety of bands and artists from as far as New Zealand to a vast number from European countries.

Avant-garde death metal band Ulcerate from New Zealand is a rare guest in Europe and will headline one of the festival days. Critics and fans alike acknowledge this is currently one of the most innovative and technically interesting bands in the international metal scene.

Lithuania is going to be the first country Ulcerate will land their select show tour in Europe in 2019.The black/death metal duo Bölzer with a solid and powerful sound, created with 10-string guitar, instrumental twists and various vocal manners, will headline the second day of the event. While the band has conquered many festivals in Western countries, this is going to be just their second visit to Lithuania.

Other acts that have been confirmed for the event are Devouring Star from Finland and Fides Inversa from Italy. While Finns are famous for their cold, hypnotic and mysterious sound, guests from the south offer traditionally fast and intense black metal.

“Armageddon Descends” has roots of covering mainly black metal, death metal and dark electronic music. You could probably put a big chunk of the line-up into one or two categories over the 2-day festival; however, there is a far broader range to the musical programme than one meets the eye.

French Aluk Todolo is a stand-out name on its own. Though this instrumental act is most often described as occult rock, their true creativity flows between psychedelia, musical trance, and elements of black metal. Middle eastern mysticism driven catacomb blues from The Dead Creed subtly hypnotises the audiences, whilst fellow Greek ritual dark ambient act Shibalba, operating with unorthodox instruments, will put the listeners to tantric meditations and the darkest corners of the psyche. The sixth edition will be crowned by local industrial drone duo Budrūs who will perform live for the third time in their career.

Apart from the music schedule, “Armageddon Descends” will offer its visitors two art exhibitions over two venues. The first one – “Negative States” will be opened on Thursday, April 11th at Vilnius Art Academy and held by French artist Jean Valnoir Simoulin, more widely known as Metastazis.

“Negative States” is a collection of works designed in different contexts and fields contemplating on relentless explorations of the most negative, toxic, repulsive and frightening aspects of the human. The exhibition will explore various controversial geopolitical, spiritual and traumatic states of the mind such as the Paris attacks in 2015, Jean’s trip with Laibach to North Korea and various artistic visions done for the likes of Watain, King Dude, Glaciation.

The artist underlines this controversial exhibition will emphasize on the exploration of the traumatic, disgusting and negative aspects of terror and totalitarianism and is no way any kind of glorification of these symbols of hatred.

Apart from the exhibition, the festival will screen 2015’s “Liberation Day”. A movie about the first ever in history rock gig in North Korea. It depicts the journey of Slovenian band Laibach and Metastazis who cooperated together to make this historical performance happen.

“Armageddon Descends” will announce more additions to the line-up in the nearest future. Follow the festival’s facebook page or website for more news.


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