ALBERTO RIGONI • New Recording Sessions-Video feat. Jeff Hughell of Six Feet Under

Famous musicians like Gavin Harrison and Kevin Moore joined his solo project. Kevin Moore, ex Dream Theater keyboardist, participated in 2012 on the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ album. Busy ALBERTO RIGONI is also co-producer of the Vivaldi Metal project and bassist of Kim Bingham.

Also being bass player in the bands Bad As (Metal) and The Italians (‚Britalian’ Pop Rock), the technically accomplished and equally soulful string virtuoso gains rapidly audience in the international music scene for inventive and atmospheric genre-crossing compositions.

The new and 8th solo album with the well framing title “Prog Injection” shows the refined art of the Italian in absolute perfection. Jeff Hughell, bassist in Six Feet Under, is featured in the fourth song “Death Stick” as a special guest:


Track ‘Death Stick’ out of the new album “Prog Injection”
(Recording sessions feat. Jeff Hughell of Six Feet Under)

ALBERTO RIGONI comments on the background of this cooperation:

“I first met Jeff at Warwick in Germany a couple of years ago. We got along really well and became friends. In 2017 we introduced and co-starred the ‘Bassists Alliance Project’, releasing their first album, ‘Crush’, which features top bass players. That’s why I like to invite Jeff as a guest for ‘Death Stick’.”


ALBERTO RIGONI • 2019 • Pic: Anima Nigra Photography


Alberto Rigoni • Bass and Chapman Stick 10 strings
Alessandroni Bertoni • Keyboards
Thomas Lang • Drums

For “Prog Injection” the playful maestro has successfully completed a special Fundraising Campaign – 20% of the target sum has already been donated to the Italian Lega del Filo d’Oro Association for a charitable purpose.


Frontcover • “Prog Injection” • Artwork: Devrim Erdoğan

▶ Official release of “Prog Injection”: June, 7th 2019. ◀

(Pre-orders of “Prog Injection” are already possible on Bandcamp.)


01. XYX (02:23)
02. Metal Injection (05:53)
03. Blood Shuga (05:08)
04. Death Stick (04:17)
05. Omega (06:00)
06. Liquid (07:18)
07. Low And Disorder (05:04)
08. Iron Moon (03:23)

total: 40:00 min.


2008 Something Different (Full-length)
2011 Rebirth (Full-length)
2012 Three Wise Monkeys (Full-length)
2014 Overloaded (Full-length)
2016 Bassorama (Full-length)
2017 Duality (Full-length)
2018 EvoRevolution (Full-length, feat. Marco Minnemann)
2019 Prog Injection (Full-length, feat. Thomas Lang)

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