Achiote’s new music video is a a mystical video shot in the Finnish winter wilderness!


Promo picture by Noora Eskel

The second single from the previous Achiote album ‘Loneliness of Endless Days’ carries the same name and comes up with a mystical video shot in the Finnish winter wilderness.

‘Loneliness of Endless Days’ is a story of longing. It’s filled with sadness and leaving things behind, but it also has a hint of new hope in the horizon.

Watch a music video now on YouTube:

Achiote is a finnish metal band combining melodic heavy and rainy Seattle sound spiced up with northern romanticism. After two critically acclaimed albums the band has now concentrated on their music videos and writing the third album.

Band’s comment on the new video:

‘This megalomanic winter wilderness video of ours has been coming out for years now. It became just as hard and merciless as the environment it was shot in. The nature reserve in Yläne, Finland was frosting cold in the February breeze on that day. But in the end, it was totally worth it! We had changes in the line ups of both the band and the production crew before we found the right man to nail the editing and special effects on this video – and he was only found from the Nothern Lapland north of Santa Claus!

‘Loneliness of Endless Days’ video reflects both the universal longing and the inner thoughts of the band. But – despite the outer darkness – it is symbolic and beautiful signal for a new beginning.’

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Loneliness of Endless Days

Single cover by Janne Salminiemi


Janne Salminiemi – Vocals & Guitar

Timo Toikka – Guitars

Jussi Vuola – Drums & Vocals

Tuomas Riihimäki – Organs & Synthesizers

Teemu Jortikka – Bass


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