A Hero For The World release The Lion King Rock Opera

The Lion King Rock Opera.

Based upon the music of Elton John, Tim Rice, Lebo M, Hans Zimmer and more, the band covers songs from the latest Lion King movie, as well as some from the Lion King 2 and the acclaimed Broadway musical.

“The Lion King Rock Opera” album features mostly brand new recordings, including a few singles such as “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” in a fun power metal version and “Circle of Life”, the Elton John classic recorded in the signature Symphonic and Cinematic Epic Rock and Power Metal style of the Band.

A Hero For The World was formed in 2012 and has since released 6 full-length albums; notably “West to East, pt. II: Space Ranger” in February 2019 with original space-themed power metal.

A Hero For The World, Band is:

Jacob Kaasgaard – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Choirs & Orchestra

Louie Ryan – Female Vocals

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Kaasgaard

Guest musicians, returning again on this album are:
Lead and rhythm guitars by Kalebe Oggioni (Brazil)

Rhythm guitars by Felipe Gruber (Venezuela)


iTunes / Apple Music:

Extended deluxe edition available on Bandcamp:



1. Circle of Life (Power Metal Version)
2. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King
3. Be Prepared
4. Hakuna Matata
5. Shadowland / King of Pride Rock (From “The Lion King Musical”)
6. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
7. Endless Night (From “The Lion King Musical”)
8. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Power Metal Version)
9. We Are One (From “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride”)

Deluxe Extended Edition also includes:
Some acoustic versions and some additional instrumental interludes from the movies.







Bandcamp (and High-resolution Downloads):

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