Metalmania 2017 – signing sessions

14th April 2017

After a 9-year hiatus, the biggest indoor metal festival in Eastern Europe – Metalmania, comes back to life. The 23rd edition of this iconic festival will be held on April, 22nd 2017 in Spodek Hall, [Read »]


Prophecy Fest 2017 Press

12th April 2017 (festival info) (tickets) Here’s what the press says about the previous two festivals: “Prophecy Fest is up there with small-scale, passion-driven fests like Iceland’s Eistnaflug and the most hallowed of them all, Roadburn.” [Read »]


Beermacht! – Thrash/Speed metal festival!

10th April 2017

Grand Sounds presents! BEERMACHT – Thrash and Speed metal festival in Eastern Europe! On the border with Poland! Beermacht fest is a grand event for Eastern Europe! Best Ukrainian Thrash and Speed metal bands on [Read »]