Pure Steel Records

14th April 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

PURE STEEL PHILOSOPHY Pure Steel Records is an underground based Heavy Metal label, which has its roots in the glorious 80s. For sure it’s not only concentrated on that but also focused on any high [Read »]

Punishment 18 Records

14th April 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

PUNISHMENT 18 RECORDS is a project created thanx to the passion for Heavy Metal and for music in general, with the intent of supporting Metal and also its Italian scene with the professionality typical of [Read »]

Nuclear Blast

14th April 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Nuclear Blast was formed in 1987 after founder Markus Staiger travelled throughout the United States for four weeks and saw a gig of his favorite band BL’AST!. The label’s first release was a vinyl compilation [Read »]

Napalm Records

14th April 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Over twenty years ago, a story of success began in the Austrian town of Eisenerz. What started out as a one-person operation in a cramped living-room, became one of the biggest record labels of the [Read »]

Metal On Metal Records

10th April 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Started in 2008 by two old school metal fans, Jowita Kamińska-Peruzzi and her husband Simone A. Peruzzi, who had been involved in the scene in other ways (as cover artist, designer, journalist and photographer) and [Read »]


3rd April 2017 Kenn Jensen

earMUSIC is Edel Group’s international Record company dedicated to rock, pop, metal and alternative rock repertoire. The label merges the experience and tradition of over 20 years of success of Edel worldwide with a renewed [Read »]