Daze of June

8th March 2018 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

DAZE OF JUNE (formerly known as Archives of Alaska) have already, in their very short lifespan, brought themselves a lot of attention. DAZE OF JUNE brings you solid metalcore, with hooks and choruses of international [Read »]

Antigony Records

5th March 2018 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Antigony Records was founded by Francesco & Alex in 2015 and is an independent Record Label based in Italy. We dedicate heart and passion to support and promote your music. ~ Creating something requires passion. [Read »]

Let Them Fall

5th March 2018 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Let Them Fall is a metalcore project born in 2012. They’ve played many gigs all around Italy and in many other foreign countries. Over the years, they’ve released various EPs and singles and, most recently, they’ve been [Read »]

Facing the Gallows

12th February 2018 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Since early 2007 FTG have found much joy in locking themselves in a sound proof room and writing music to share with people all over South Africa and the World. The band formed when 5 [Read »]


23rd July 2017 Reinier de Vries

As the third millennium got under way, heavy metal fans finally began emerging from their grunge fallout shelters and, having endured an additional period of oppression beneath the mostly horrific reign of nu metal, found [Read »]

Album Reviews

All But One – Square One

25th April 2017 Reinier de Vries

All But One is a band started as a project with members of Alestorm, Heaven Shall Burn, and When Our Time Comes.  Looking at the bands you might expect some brutal metalcore with pirate influences. Well [Read »]

All But One

25th April 2017 Reinier de Vries

What began as a passion project of Alestorm guitarist Máté Bodor quickly realized potential as a formidable force to test the borders of modern pop and metal, and on All But One’s debut album, the [Read »]