Dream Troll

29th April 2018 Markus Falkenberg

Dream Troll is a British NWOBHM Metal band that is dedicated to all things Metal including all the beloved clichés associated with the genre.   Band members: Paul Walsh – Vocals Matt Baldwinson – Guitar [Read »]

Album Reviews

Lione / Conti – Lione / Conti

10th March 2018 Kenn Jensen

Frontiers Music is famous or infamous, depending on how you look at it, for putting people together in so-called supergroups and projects, and in some cases it works really well and in some not so [Read »]

Lione / Conti

10th March 2018 Kenn Jensen

Alessandro Conti is the singer of the Italian power metal band Trick Or Treat and was also tapped to be the lead singer in Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY when the two founding members of Rhapsody, Luca [Read »]