9th April 2019 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

In the 1970s, Joey DeMaio was a bass tech for Black Sabbath and played with David “Rock” Feinstein in David Feinstein’s Thunder. He met Ross the Boss while on tour with Black Sabbath (“We met on English ground…”) and Manowar were formed. According [Read »]

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Chariot – The New Horizon Dawns

18th March 2019 Chris Galea

Chariot was formed around 1983 in the North Eastern outskirts of London, after Metal had been experiencing a significant upheaval. I mention this because “The New Horizon Dawns”, Chariot’s newest full-length, possesses the same exuberance [Read »]

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TýR – Hel

15th March 2019 Reinier de Vries

Catchy, a word that describes their music for a very big part. Traditional folk elements, sing a long refrains combined with power metal riffs and melodic twin guitar pieces are the main ingredients again.  TýR did [Read »]

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15th March 2019 Reinier de Vries

Profession of the Christian Faith or Decapitation: This was the choice given by Sigmundur to his Faroese Viking compatriot Tróndur í Gøtu. And so it was that in 999 A.D., the Christianization of the small [Read »]


6th March 2019 Chris Galea

Band profile – from the eyes of Pete Franklin Well it all started when my brother Mike brought home a guitar and that was it I was hooked. Some friends and I from school taught [Read »]

Lance King

14th February 2019 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Lance King (born November 23, 1962) is an American vocalist and songwriter specializing in melodic rock progressive and power metal. Lance has sung with many groups over the last 35 years and started the record label Nightmare in 1990 to release [Read »]

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Iron Lamb – Blue Haze

11th December 2018 Markus Falkenberg

Heavy Metal has developed quite a bit over the decades, but there is no denying that a lot of modern Heavy Metal is surprisingly conservative in a musical sense. Many would say that this is [Read »]

Iron Lamb

11th December 2018 Markus Falkenberg

“[…]Everybody knows rock & roll gained perfection in the late 70’s, it’s a scientific fact. Between them,  bands like Thin Lizzy, Ramones, Motörhead and Ac/Dc found the pure essence of hard music and rolled with [Read »]