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Dawn Of Demise

25th May 2019 Thomas Nielsen

Dawn Of Demise is a New Yorker-style death metal band from Silkeborg, Denmark. The band was formed in 2003 by Bjørn Jensen (bass/backing vocals) and Martin Sørensen (guitars). Bjørn’s brother, Scott Jensen (vocals) joined in [Read »]


9th May 2019 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Aphyxion is a melodic death metal band from Denmark formed in 2007 in Ribe. The group has released two albums: Earth Entangled in 2014 and Aftermath in 2016. They played at Wacken Open Air in Germany as the youngest band to ever do so. They [Read »]

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Entombed – Live Clandestine

25th April 2019 Thomas Nielsen

What would be a more appropriate timing than getting some words jotted down on virtual paper about the new ENTOMBED release from Threeman Records than now? I’m waiting for my flight back to Denmark here [Read »]

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25th April 2019 Thomas Nielsen

Entombed pioneered a new sound for death metal around 1990 with the release of the debut Left Hand Path and the sophomore release Clandestine. The band would eventually explore a more rock’n’roll inspire style of [Read »]

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21st April 2019 Reinier de Vries

POSSESSED took San Francisco’s metal scene by storm, playing with fellow Bay Area thrashers and friends EXODUS, and other bands – many now long gone. In 1982-1983, they recorded a four song demo. One of [Read »]