Necromurder – Black Metal Film


Necromurder. A movie inspired by the most extreme and darkest form of Heavy Metal as of yet: Black Metal. This alone is already a dead giveaway that the movie aims for a dark and grim mood. Also, the movie was inspired by the events in Norway in the early 90s that lead to Euonymus’ death at the hands of Varg Vikernes. Another reason to expect a really dark mood here.

It is not a biopic though. So no, do not expect for this movie to be another version of “Lords of Chaos”! Also, do not expect for the protagonist to be a clear cut stand in for one of the key actors of what transpired in Norway back in the early 90s. However, do expect a grim mood, anger, aggression, Black Metal and violence! Expect violence that looks surreal at first glance, but which is still uncomfortably real. It is uncomfortably real, because it is fuelled by something that is not only present in the Black Metal scene, but elsewhere as well: Passion. Unbridled passion for a genre and everything it stands for.

However, sometimes passion comes with a hefty price, particularly when your passion makes you forget that there just might be other things and people who deserve your attention as well, if not even more than your art. And yet, there is a reason why passion is linked with fire: It consumes when you let it go unchecked. Just think of the real life Euronymous who burned with passion for Black Metal. Think of Dead who burned for Black Metal. Think of Varg Vikernes who still burns today. He no longer burns for Black Metal, but his hate is still burning and is probably more dangerous today than ever before. And he is not alone there. Also, think of other more current Black Metal related news about bands that take the whole Black Metal thing at face value.

The protagonist of the movie is neither a copy of Varg Vikernes, nor a copy of Euronymous though, but still, the passion is there. The loss in a fantasy world that makes him ignorant of what and who is really important is there. Hate is there. Aggression is there and a conflict with a certain underground record label owner is there. And it does not end well.

And yet, even though most Metalheads do not really feel at home in this particular blend of the Black Metal Underground there is still something that seems familiar: The passion. Also, everybody who has been active in the Metal scene long enough likely knows some people who lost themselves in their passion for the music. This kind of thing does not necessarily have to end badly, but fact is that this kind of passion can work like a fiery drug that blurs your mind and can burn you when you overindulge in it. And many do.

Now, it is very well possible that Pablo C. Vergara, the author and producer of the movie, had different thoughts in mind when he shot the movie, but he seems like an artist who appreciates a critical voice. Or why else does he support the “Lords of Chaos” movie although he is obviously a Black Metal fan himself? Also, his very own movie is obviously very critical of the genre he seems to love! Was it difficult for him? Maybe. Does his attempt to comment on his beloved genre deserves applause? Absolutely!

All this is makes the movie more than just a bit uncomfortable. You see a man’s decent, you see what he is about to lose, you feel that this is not going to end well. And you are right.  The movie is definitely a bloody Black Metal tragedy accompanied by a great soundtrack! 10 devils!

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Seriously, check it out, because if you find this review intriguing then you will love to hear that Mr. Vergara intends to release an only slightly cut version of the movie there next week!

(PS: Kind of befitting for this movie that our rating system works with “devils”. Go and figure.)