Amager Bio

Capacity: 1100 people

Location Address:

Address1: Øresundsvej 6
Postal Code: 2300
City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark

Amager Bio is one of the biggest venues in Copenhagen with about 200 concerts and cultural events a year. It is known mostly for its great acoustics, sound technology and international quality interior, and has a capacity of 1100 standing, 600 seated and 360 dining guests. The program includes all genres – from death metal to the softest of pop music, while retaining a focus on rock, blues and modern electronica from Scandinavia.

We strive to make the venue emanate with passion – the same passion we have for it and music in general, thus giving the audience the best possible experience – from the entrance, to the bar and the superb sound. We will do our very best to provide the right conditions for your concert-experience, whether you want to head bang in front of the stage, or simply hang out and talk to other visitors in the entrance hall.

At Amager Bio we have a close working relationship with Musikforeningen 5-øren, which provides us with volunteers, whom we strongly depend on. With a staff of mostly volunteers, we have an assurance of their commitment and enthusiasm, which will lead to a greater concert-experience for you – whether you are at a blues, electronica or metal concert – our staff will embrace you with open arms.

You can also rent Amager Bio privately or as a company. Almost everything is possible: seasonal parties, concerts, political debates, meetings and other cultural events – you name it!

Are you more into underground music than big headliners? Check out our more versatile little brother, BETA (, which is a more intimate venue with a capacity of 150 people. At BETA, the staff is also volunteers, the interior raw, the sound superb and the atmosphere remarkable – truly a venue for the music aficionado!

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