The New Roses – Cologne, 10 March 2016

It is fun to listen to music at home, or wherever else you want, but there is no denying that live music is the flesh and blood of Heavy Metal! The energy from the stage, the energy from the rest of the audience and your own energy stimulate each other and reach heights that you just don’t get from a recording. At least not to this degree. And this gig was no exception.

It all started with the support act Pinski who delivered a decent and entertaining rock n’roll infused set.

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Yes, she is a bit on the softer side by Heavy Metal standards, but all in all a good choice for supporting a band like The New Roses. Pinski definitely knows how to entertain an audience both with her voice and music, but also with her announcements. She can laugh about herself which helped her to win me over. And that’s not an easy feat for an artist who is so obviously “not Metal”! I don’t think that I will become a full blown fan, but her music is still fun. So, if you should see her name listed as a support act for a headliner you want to see, then please, give her a chance! Just beware that there is another singer out there who goes by the name “Laura Pinski”. Laura Pinski is pop while “Pinski” is rock. Don’t confuse them.

Pinski Website: Pinski (Facebook)


The New Roses

After that, the main act “The New Roses” hit the stage! I’ve got to admit that I was a bit doubtful about their live potential, but they definitely prooved my introductory words correct. Metal becomes much more energetic in a live situation! But are “The New Roses” really Metal? Frankly, I am undecided about this, but so what? If they are not Metal then they are still close enough to Metal to entertain a Metal crowd with a taste for Southern rock style music. So yes, if Molly Hatchet, the Quireboys, ZZ Top, or maybe even Devil’s Train are your kind of music, then I can only recommend you to check them out before their dream to play big stadiums comes true! And yes, I do think that this dream could come true. I still prefer smaller gigs, but I do think that The New Rose’s music could also work in a considerably bigger environment. I have to admit that I am not entirely happy about their ultimate goal – smaller gigs are more fun – but this is just me. And who knows? Maybe the band is right with their statement that their music would work much better in a stadium? Please, The New Roses, feel free to make it big and feel free to show me that my worries about you playing a huge stadium are completely unfounded!


So yes, the gig was obviously fun and the band managed to deliver an entertaining stage show, but there was more to it. I am not just thinking of their charisma on stage, there was also something else. Their love for their music and particularly their love for their fans and the music scene in general. This showed in particular when they played a song in memory of what happened in the Bataclan Club in Paris last year. I suspect it would have been easier for the singer to not play this song, but in a way it seemed like something that he simply had to do. And that is something that deserves respect.

Last, but not least, the decisive question: Would I go to see The New Roses again? Absolutely! They were fun, entertaining and emotional and gave the audience the energy it craved for. Seriously, go and check them out if you are even remotely into this kind of music! You will spend a really great evening with a great band. And isn’t that what live music is supposed to be about?

The New Roses Website: The New Roses (Facebook)

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