Full Metal Mountain 2017 – Part II – The Discoveries

The review series from Full Metal Mountain 2017 is provided exclusively for the Power Of Metal.dk by our guest writer Rock Thrashler.

These live reports are written in the fond memory of Dr. Dobrin Doychinov – a devoted thrash/death metal drummer, a gifted programmer, and a bright surgeon who untimely left us.

Every FULL METAL MOUNTAIN visitor received as a gift a festival bag full of goodies, different souvenirs and functional gains. I certainly appreciated of the sun-protective devices one day later… Not because of this, but because of the different performances of interesting bands and because of my strong planning on 29 March, I disregarded the Peak Stage and I was attending the opening of the gigs at the Mountain Stage.  However, following my love for chaos I will retell you about some bands, but not in the running order I saw them…

SKYLINE are a cover formation that have plenty of opening sets in the framework of this festival and Wacken Open Air. When I found the band at last, they present themselves as any club band. Besides the hard rock evergreen songs, their set included softer and harder tracks for entertaining the proper audience. The two vocalists performed the songs one after another, but although the setlist was not overloaded, both of them presented rather compromised vocals. The keyboard had a rather retro blend which was used for all tracks. The two guitar players seek each other with their eyes to make better the band synchronization. Well, at least the performance was live and authentic when referring to the band abilities…

Setlist Skyline, Mountain Stage, 29.03.2017:

  1. It`s a Long Way To The Top (AC/DC cover)
  2. Bang Your Head (Quiet Riot cover)
  3. Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)
  4. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love (Van Halen)
  5. Engel (Rammstein cover)


After this performance, my patience with missed sets completely disappeared and I bravely began to stake on the alternate options.

In such a situation it’s normal for punk to be institutionalized on the big stage. The metal-punk jolly fellows TURBOBIER presented us to a very entertaining set at Full Metal Tent before DORO. Although singing entirely in German, the boys articulated their political jokes in a clearly understandable way. Musically they sound like a metallized version of DIE TOTEN HOSEN. Because of the surroundings of the stage or because of the very pleasant experience TURBOBIER sound more metal live in comparison to their studio recordings. The last two tracks were noisy heavy metal with major note. The band present 45 minutes of pure entertainment.

Setlist Turbobier, Full Metal Tent, 28.03.2017:

  1. Intro
  2. Feuerwehrfestl
  3. I hoss olle Leit
  4. Hånd In Hånd
  5. A Mensch is a Mensch
  6. Die Bierpartei
  7. Sperrstund
  8. Arbeitslos
  9. Verliebt in einen Kiwara
  10. Fuaßboiplotz

For the Form and the Contents
Side by side, among the metalheads here, there were hard admirers of the festival culture and of the existential experience of festival – a phenomenon in fan profiling that is a sign of a ripe, cultural process. You would see jackets with patches of festivals with a back made of multitude of bracelets for different festival passes.

In the Hindu philosophy exists a concept that every single place could be turned to a Vishnu’s temple. We can take easily this concept in reference to metal! A real inspiration is the demonstration that a reflector vest could be turned into a metal attribute with festival accents.

Although that they have a full-blooded set on the big stage, AXXIS would play in front of the young audience of ASKING ALEXANDRIA and PARKWAY DRIVE. That is why I was in a hurry to see them in more natural environment at Mountain Stage. Their dynamic heavy metal with melodic riffs came in a fresh way. The too long descriptions between the songs and the getting audience into voice somehow gave a hint to some kind of tiredness (later I understood that they are in the middle of a long tour). The chosen middle tempo songs and the manifested keyboard framed the music in the hard ‘n’ heavy means of expression. The successful backing vocals are controlled as harmony by the keyboard. The show of AXXIS was energetically served, but not as much as we have seen them other times. The long compositions under the bright sun predisposed the group of fans to relaxation or at least the author.

The Austrian heavy metal quartet ROADWOLF has no full length album yet. Perhaps right because of this their performance was very enthusiastic and fresh. The boys could not hide their influences from WHITESNAKE, MANOWAR, DIO, and even LED ZEPPELIN. Their wish to embrace the world of metal had incited them in a bow to the glam metal wave if you are to judge from their behavior on stage. For the most part, their songs are rock ‘n’ roll structures, rebuilt with classic means and great inspiration. Exactly ROADWOLF showed what the audience deserves to receive no matter of the number of fans!

The Austrian enthusiasts threw their three-song demo to the fans in the audience. Although the disk hit my nose I could not catch it… Seeing my wish a fan gave it to me with a smile. Thank you, man!

Setlist Roadwolf, Mountain Stage, 28.03.2017:

  1. Never Surrender
  2. Unchain the Wolf
  3. Wheels of Fire
  4. Straight Out of Hell
  5. All Hell Is Braked Loose
  6. Missed In the Action

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