While She Sleeps

Resurrection Fest 2019 - Day 2


Off the back of this year’s new album ‘So What?’, While She Sleeps have followed up and furthered their previous works like ‘You Are We’ in 2017, ‘Brainwashed’ in 2015, ‘This is Six’ in 2012 and two EPs.

‘So What?’ was released in March of this year after four singles and a behind the scenes rockumentary. While the band has their own label, Sleep Brothers, they are releasing this latest album in conjunction with American metal masters Spinefarm Records. This is the label behind acts like Bullet For My Valentine, Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Rammstein, etc., which should ensure this latest record reaches as many future fans as possible.

The set kicks off with rapid fire songs You Are We, Anti-Social and Brainwashed to get the crowd moving. If you’re not familiar with While She Sleeps’ sound it might be described as uplifting punk metal. Formed in Sheffield, UK just over a decade ago and winning Best Newcomer at the Kerrang! Awards in 2012. Since then, they’ve kept the same line-up throughout and continued from strength to strength. What better way to continue showcasing their talent to the world than at Resurrection Fest 2019 where they’re playing on the exact same stage that one of their influences, Slipknot, play on later tonight!

Before we move onto Civil Isolation, singer and guitarist Mat Welsh has a special thank you; one for the crowd and another one for Bleed From Within singer Scott Kennedy who has stepped in on short notice for singer Loz Taylor who has had to depart the tour. Loz Taylor and the band announced on July 1st that he wouldn’t be completing the rest of the tour for personal reasons but the band insisted that the show must go on.

For a guy who has just learned another band’s work to perform in front of thousands of people Scott Kennedy has done amazingly well and dare I say the crowd don’t seem to mind missing out on seeing Loz all that much! Kennedy has stepped up to the plate here big time and nailed his performance which deserves an awful lot of credit. Not only were Kennedy’s vocals great but Mat Welsh was as well, screaming every part with passion.

While She Sleeps are full of energy now and whipping the crowd into a circle pit frenzy with crowd surfers raining over the barriers. Then, everything slows down a bit for Four Walls but it doesn’t stay slow for long and the tempo ramps right back up again. The band close out their set with Silence Speaks and Hurricane both from 2017’s ‘You Are We’.


You Are We
Civil Isolation
Haunt Me
The Guilty Party
Four Walls
Silence Speaks

Playing Time: 55 minutes
Live Line-Up:

Sean Long
Aaran McKenzie
Adam "Sav" Savage
Mat Welsh
Scott Kennedy